Bully Ray Believes AEW Can Never Fail: “They All Have Something To Prove”

AEW's inaugural PPV Double Or Nothing takes place on May 25

Bully ray

All Elite Wrestling has been on a roll ever since its official launch right at the beginning of this year. With WarnerMedia and ITV now partnering with AEW, all the tears, sweat and blood seem to be coming to fruition.

On SiriusXM Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray noted that with all the finances, hard work and motivation backing the company, AEW can never fail.

“If we had to guess why AEW would be successful, I think the one thing that we can agree on is this. What do Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, Jim Ross, Chris Jerhico, Kenny Omega, and The Bucks all have in common? They’ve all said one very specific phrase. They all have something to prove.

When you’re out to prove something, you’re very motivated. When you have the money, the brains, and you’re that motivated, how can you fail?”

Today Ray belongs to WWE’s prestigious Hall Of Fame, but he did leave Vince McMahon‘s promotion (for TNA) at his prime. Since its emergence, TNA was believed to slay WWE but McMahon’s experience and deep pockets crushed all hopes of the upstart promotion.

The independent circuit has changed the pro wrestling business over the last few years and many daunting wrestlers no longer consider WWE as the dream company to work with. Matter of fact, wrestlers namely Kenny Omega, Joey Ryan make much more than the average NXT Superstar, and that too by working on their own terms and dates.

“You think Chris Jericho is going to fail? You think JR is going to fail? You think Cody… especially Cody. Cody’s so frikkin laser-focused right now it’s not even funny, you think he’s going to fail?”

While Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle believes that AEW doesn’t stand a chance against WWE, Ray likes to think otherwise.

“You think Tony Khan wants to look at his father and say ‘Sorry dad, I failed with this wrestling thing. Thanks for taking me to the ECW Arena when I was 12, but I failed.’ Uh uh man. Everybody there has something to prove. Laser focused and motivated.”