Chris Jericho Upset At Not Getting Proper Thank You After AEW Double Or Nothing?

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In a move that is guaranteed to have people asking “work or shoot”, Chris Jericho has cancelled a live taping of his Talk Is Jericho podcast because he’s unhappy about comments made after the AEW Double or Nothing event.

After the show, Cody Rhodes gave a speech thanking everyone involved in the promotion, including the fans. He called them all “family” and asked if they would follow the promotion wherever it would go next.

On video, Jericho was captured scowling and hitting a monitor behind him as Rhodes was speaking. He commented on Instagram that he was “waiting for my thank you”.

He followed it up with a video posted on the FiteTV Twitter where he stated that he felt he hadn’t gotten the thank you he deserved for what he did for AEW. As such he wouldn’t be doing his Talk is Jericho podcast during the Starrcast II event as was originally planned.

You can check out the video below. While it does sound like Jericho is upset, keep in mind that his comments are not out of alignment with his current AEW persona and he could just want people to still keep talking about himself and the show.