Cody Rhodes And The Young Bucks Mock WWE 24/7 Title


WWE debuted their newest title, 24/7 Championship, last Monday night on Raw and reactions have been mixed.

WWE’s newest competitor, AEW, have their own opinion on the title, as revealed by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks during Starrcast II.

In response to a question about whether or not titles would “mean something” in AEW, Nick Jackson said yes and compared it unfavorably to what WWE is doing with their belts.

“At this point titles don’t mean anything. We want to put prestige back in the champions we have. We’re not going to have a 24/7 belt. We’re going to have titles that matter, and you know what? If it’s the women’s champion that could be a main event. If it’s a tag championship match that could be the main event. We want every title to mean like it’s the world championship,” declared Jackson.

Cody Rhodes also commented on the 24/7 Title stating that he felt bad that Mick Foley had to introduce the belt. He also stated that the design of the title itself was unimaginative.

You can check out this clip to see and hear their reactions: