Cody Rhodes Says AEW Will Have No Scripted Promos, Thoughts On WarnerMedia TV Deal

AEW will start airing live weekly matches on TNT later this year


All Elite Wrestling officially announced their television deal with TNT just hours before the WarnerMedia Upfronts presentation yesterday.

AEW’s primary players namely Tony Khan and The Elite (with their families) were present at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal also graced the team at the event.

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While speaking to WrestlingNews at the event, Co-Executive Vice President of AEW Cody Rhodes shared his thoughts on the astounding television deal with WarnerMedia.

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“This is serendipity how this is coming together. My family moved to Atlanta 20+ years ago because WCW was going to Turner. Here we are talking about All Elite Wrestling in 2019 going to Turner. It’s just wild how it works and the number 1 thing I discovered is we build the best team. That’s what led to all of this. All In happened, me, Matt and Nick, Kenny joining and then Tony Khan being the guy to say ‘hey, I believe in you guys. I’ll invest in you guys, I believe in wrestling outside of one company.’ That has put us here so I’m really excited.”

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Cody and his wife, Brandi have come a long way in their careers. From floundering as afterthoughts in WWE to changing the entire landscape of pro wrestling, it is truly a dream come true for the real-life power couple.

The American Nightmare stated that unlike WWE, AEW will not have any scripted promos.

Cody: “You may not see one scripted promo. When it comes to promos, if we invested in you, we already know your voice. We just want to put the voice out there for more people to hear. There’re great coaches we have, great collaborators. Guys like Jim Ross, guys like Billy Gunn, a bunch of guys I can’t name. We have these great collaborators, plus all of us who want to make this work. Collaboration yes, micromanagement no, scripted no, that’s the best.”

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It is to be noted that scripted promos and frustrations with the creative were the main reasons behind Jon Moxley‘s (formerly Dean Ambrose) WWE exit.

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Brandi: “We’re honest when we say that we want it to be very sports-centric. In order to do that, it has to be focused on the bell-to-bell, the actual matches, less of the drama and the behind-the-scenes.”