Dustin Rhodes Takes Shot At WWE Creative: “They Never Take Your Idea Seriously”

WWE never treated Dustin as the icon that he is


Dustin Rhodes (fka Goldust) will lock horns with his real-life half-brother Cody Rhodes at AEW’s inaugural Double Or Nothing pay-per-view event tomorrow.

Dustin, real name Dustin Patrick Runnels, has had five stints with WWF/E. A proud WCW veteran, Rhodes boasts of two decades of in-ring experience across several promotions as well as the independent circuit.

While stating the pros of AEW on the WINCLY podcast, The Bizarre One made it known that the WWE creative doesn’t acknowledge the ideas pitched by the Superstars who are then compelled to giving Vince McMahon a visit.

“AEW is gonna open a lot of eyes and shock the world. I think everybody is rushing to up their ratings and entertainment value. Let’s face it, the creative team in the other company [WWE]… you pitch so many ideas and nothing ever gets done. They never take your idea seriously and then you have to bypass them and go to the boss [Vince McMahon].”

While WWE never took Dustin seriously and wasted his talent, his younger brother Cody did have a good start in the company but was eventually overlooked and treated as an afterthought.

Cody, who is currently serving as the Co-Executive Vice President of AEW, was one of the most promising future stars during his early days in WWE. Dustin also commented on his brother’s work and his determination “to prove a point.”

“That stuck with me for a long time and I’m sure it stuck with Cody. What he’s doing right now is taking on the world and taking on everybody. Everybody’s gonna be in his rearview mirror and he’s out to prove a point. He’s Dusty’s son and he’s got that knack of entertainment and the smart business savvy sense that Dad had with booking and creating.”

At 50-years-old, Dustin may not have much left in his tank, but rest assured, AEW will honor and respect his in-ring talent, unlike WWE who always treated him as a (lower) mid-carder and jobber at best.