Former WWE Superstar Quits AEW Ahead Of Double Or Nothing

Pac aew
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Double or Nothing is All Elite Wrestling’s first official show and it appears that one of the matches on the card took place seven days early when Pac (fka Neville in WWE) and Hangman Page met in the ring at WrestleGate in Nottingham last night.

Of course, this was a match that wasn’t scheduled to take place, the main event should have seen Pac take on Robbie X and Jody Fleisch in a triple threat match, but Jody had a few travel issues and Robbie X was injured in a match earlier in the night which left the former WWE star without an opponent.

Pac still came out and addressed the crowd, but out came his Double or Nothing opponent Hangman Page and the duo went on to have a fantastic 15-minute match which only ended when Pac low blowed the referee to give Page the DQ win.

He continued the assault with a chair after the match before declaring that he didn’t need to go to Vegas next weekend and be part of Double or Nothing because he’s already beaten Page now, and then stated that he wasn’t going to AEW either.

“I wanted to hurt ya, to maim ya, to torture ya. And look, look! My work is done. So you can tell all of your little elite buddies, I’m not coming to Vegas! I’m not coming to Double or Nothing! And I’m not coming to AEW!”

It’s entirely feasible that this is just another way for fans to be tempted to watch the show now since the match definitely has some venom behind it after the assault that Page accepted at the hands of Pac, but it’s even more interesting that the match has been given away in the United Kingdom the week before.

It’s likely that Pac will still be in Vegas next weekend, but you never can be too sure in the wrestling business.