Tony Khan Says AEW’s Partnership With ITV Will Help “Spread The Wrestling Virus” In UK

Khan explains ITV has been the number one network in the UK

tony khan

All Elite Wrestling is flexing around after its recent television deal with WarnerMedia. The new deal will allow AEW to air live matches on TNT weekly.

AEW has partnered with ITV Box Office to air the show in the UK. It is to be noted that Great Britain has been a hotspot for wrestling ever since WWE monopolized the business with NXT UK.

CEO of AEW, Tony Khan is no stranger to pro wrestling and is well aware of WWE’s vast business.

During a recent interview with ITV, Khan claimed that the UK television deal will help “spread the wrestling virus.”

“This partnership gives people an opportunity to spread the wrestling virus. I’m a big wrestling fan. I was one of those fans as a kid like, if I was at school, I couldn’t wait to tell people about wrestling and get people to come over and watch wrestling with me or watch it at their own home. I hope people can do that and spread the love.”

Khan recalled the historic tradition of wrestling in the UK and named the “high work rate people” that the current AEW roster boasts of.

“From a work rate perspective, nothing could be completely opposite to that then Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, The Lucha Bros, Cody, Hangman, Chris Jericho of all people, these are the high work rate people that are here at AEW.”

AEW’s inagural pay-per-view, Double Or Nothing, takes place on May 25 and the promotion plans to give tough competition to WWE Network that offers new subscribers the immediate next PPV for free.

“We’re going to be offering a lot more shows after Double or Nothing…I think what we’re going to offer for free is really going to get people enticed to buy the pay-per-view.”

At the end of the day, Khan is pretty serious about matches and wants the results to actually matter unlike WWE’s traditional 50/50 booking.

“We are going to take the matches seriously, like I want wins and losses to matter.”