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Spencer Knight
Loves talking professional wrestling and doing it the right way. There is a common single goal for all the writings and predictions: Keep it as simple as possible for the readers to enjoy the content. Also happens to develop somnambulism on Pay-Per-View dates. Yeah, look it up. Follow

Braun Strowman Reveals Crazy Idea Of Flipping The WWE Ring During Battle Royal Match

Braun Strowman is one of the most physical Superstars with superhuman strength that WWE has witnessed in The Modern Era.

Alexa Bliss Says She Is “More Pro-Active” In Protecting Herself From Getting Re-Concussed

Alexa Bliss is having the time of her life with bestie Nikki Cross as the reigning WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on...

WWE To Launch Official Podcast Network, WWE-CFO$ Split

WWE To Launch Official Podcast Network With the pro wrestling world booming with podcasts, the biggest player, WWE is...

Samoa Joe and Sonya Deville Are Ready To Welcome UFC Star Cris Cyborg In...

WWE has quite a history when it comes to signing MMA stars, or simply put, UFC megastars - the billion-dollar promotion has...

Mark Henry Says Vince McMahon Will Chop AEW’s “Hand Off” In Wednesday Night Wars

The upcoming Wednesday Night Wars is fast approaching with NXT’s switch over to USA Network (September 18) and AEW’s debut on...

Adam Cole Talks Shawn Michaels Producing All His Matches, Working With Him Directly

NXT is switching over to USA Network on September 18 as WWE looks to counter AEW’s weekly TNT show on Wednesday nights.

The Undertaker Booked For Clash Of Champions Go-Home Edition Of SmackDown Live

The Undertaker is returning to SmackDown Live during the Clash Of Champions go-home show on September 10. This will be his second...
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Vince McMahon To Reportedly Change Landscape Of NXT With USA Network Move

WWE NXT is likely headed to USA Network with the announcement to be made official on Monday Night RAW, and Vince McMahon...

Becky Lynch Is Waiting For “Weirdo” Ronda Rousey’s Return To WWE

Becky Lynch pulled off the impossible when she dethroned both Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the Winner Take All main event...
vince mcmahon

Vince McMahon Reportedly Tried Everything To Prevent AEW From Taking Off

The upcoming WWE vs AEW war is set to change the landscape of pro wrestling as we’re less than a month away...