5 Hidden Gems On The WWE Network

I love the WWE Network! Today I wanted to have a little bit of fun by sharing with you my own personal top five hidden gems on the WWE Network. These are matches that I love, find very entertaining, but they do not get the attention that they deserve. I would love to hear what matches you guys think are hidden gems on the WWE Network.


5. The Rock vs X-Pac | Capital Carnage 1998


This was the second WWE UK PPV (an event I was lucky enough to attend) and it features a match that I have always really enjoyed and that is The Rock vs X-Pac. This event featured a blockbuster main event featuring Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Kane, and Mankind. However, for me, it is the WWE Championship match between The Rock and X-Pac that stole the show. These two guys worked really well together and during this time, X-Pac was super over as well.


4. Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty | RAW 07/01/1996


This is a match that I have always really enjoyed and it is one of the Heartbreak Kids matches that seems all but forgotten about. When you think of these two squaring off,  you think of their Intercontinental Title match on RAW from 1993. This match that took place in 1996, a few months after HBK won the title from Bret Hart is a lot of fun and one that is well worth giving a watch.


3. Bret Hart vs British Bulldog | In Your House Seasons Beatings 1995

I have talked about this match before until I am blue in the face and it is fantastic. Part of the reason I feel this is an underrated gem is that all people want to talk about is their match from SummerSlam. Which no doubt is an absolute classic…. I, however, feel that this match here is just as good, if not better. This is no technical masterpiece, it is an all out brawl that is made all the more brutal thanks to the really nasty way Bret Hart gets busted open.


2. The Rockers vs The Orient Express | Royal Rumble 1991

Here is a little bit of personal insight to me as a wrestling fan, this is my all time favorite opening match of a PPV! The Rockers vs The Orient Express had been blowing people away on the house show circuit for a while (a match I saw live in Glasgow at the 1991 UK Rampage) and this match is just so good. It is fast paced, full of innovative offense and all four guys, as well as Mr. Fuji did their part to start the PPV off with a bang!


1. Doink The Clown vs Marty Jannetty | RAW 06/21/93

Here is a match that you probably did not expect to see! This is from one of the earlier episodes of Monday Night RAW. While it is easy to laugh at the thought of a match with these two appearing on a list like this. At this time, both of these guys were fantastic wrestlers and they put on a very exciting 2 out of three falls match. What I love about this match is the way it just gets better and better and the crowd gets into it more and more. If you want to see a classic from the early days of Monday Night Raw check this one out. Rather controversial opinion here, but I think this may be the best match from that first year of RAW!