Facebook Mixed Match Challenge: Ranking Teams’ Winning Potential

With Big E and Carmella being announced as the final team for the Facebook Mixed Match Challenge and the brackets having been revealed, the tournament is ready for the kick-off next Tuesday, January 16th. A little bit of background information here: WWE’s Facebook Mixed Match Challenge, to be aired on Facebook Watch, is a newly-formed tournament, wherein 12 male-female pairs will compete in a series of mixed tag team matches in single-elimination format, and after twelve weeks, the winners will be rewarded with 100,000 USD to donate to a charity of their choice.

Now statistically, when none of the matches has actually happened yet, each team will have a one-twelfth chance of winning the ordeal. But we all know that is not the case. Take one look at the team compositions and you have already had some idea of which teams will survive longer than the others. Another look at the first-round matches and you can make even better predictions. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the teams, and rank their chances of bringing home (well, a charity home) a hundred thousand grand.

The rankings are based on the teams’ compatibility (based on their on-screen personalities), and how dominant each wrestler from each team is in both singles and tag team competition. Let the crazy fun begin! Oops, we just let out a little spoiler there…


12. Alicia Fox and Goldust

The very definition of a “filler” team. Both are long-time veterans of their respective divisions, both have abnormal personalities, both have been given some role in the past few months, and both have never really regained their heyday position on the pecking order (maybe except for Alicia Fox earning her position as the captain for the RAW’s Women Survivor Series team – we could not remember a time when she was given a more prominent role than this). Their uncommon personalities might match, but they are unlikely to have it done in the ring. They might have had their respective moments, but we do not see them winning the tourney. A quick good-bye in the first round to Naomi and Jimmy Uso is totally foreseeable.


11. Becky Lynch and Sami Zayn

At first look, one might be perplexed at our ranking the Irish Lass-kicker and the Ultimate Underdog so low on the list. But we have two reasons for ya: SUCK IT!!! Oh, sorry, we got carried away a bit there. We really have two reasons for you. First is the opposite strategies each wrestler now has when approaching matches. Becky Lynch has always been this fierce warrior, who tackles every opponent with a no-nonsense but high-road manner – that is, no cheating whatsoever. Meanwhile, Sami Zayn, since last year’s Hell in a Cell, has been one to exploit every loophole and take every possible shortcut to attain victory for himself, or for his best friend Kevin Owens. And remember, the prize of the tournament is a huge donation to a charity, so one can imagine a situation where Becky and Sami fight over a dirty play – morals versus victory, essentially. And the second reason is their first-round opponents are Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss (with a MONSTROUS focus on Braun Strowman there *ba-dum-tss*). Too bad.