Is The Door To The WWE Open For Hulk Hogan?

If you are a wrestling fan (and as you are reading this you clearly are) one name that you would have heard pop up time and time again the last week is Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan has found himself kept at arm’s length from the WWE ever since his horrible remarks he made on that infamous tape were leaked. Look, we all know what he said was wrong, but many people say things that are inappropriate, not nice and just plain awful when they are behind closed doors and with people, they feel they can trust. This is not to excuse Hulk Hogan’s remarks at all, but it is not as cut and dry that he is a racist like some people were saying.

Mick Foley hit the nail on the head when this first went down when he said He’s a very good person, who made a very bad mistakeand that is what it was – a mistake, something many other people, wrestlers included have done. Mike Tyson was welcomed into the WWE and the Hall Of Fame despite serving time for rape, Stone Cold Steve Austin was arrested for domestic violence and you could argue that no one gets a bigger pop than him when he comes back.

Yet for some reason, Hulk Hogan was blacklisted and his name seemed like it would never be mentioned again. Well, that was 2015 and now in 2018, with WrestleMania here and many people are talking about Hulk Hogan showing up. Not only that, another rumor that appears to be picking up steam is replacing Daniel Bryan as the Smackdown Live general manager!

Mark Henry has said that he feels that Hulk Hogan needs to apologize to all of the black wrestlers in the WWE, but Hulk Hogan responded to that and said that he feels he needs to apologize to all the wrestlers. No one can excuse what Hulk Hogan said, but the man has clearly learned from his mistakes and seems in a good place in his life. It would be a damn shame for one of, if not the most iconic name in wrestling history was never again part of the WWE.

While Triple H, Vince McMahon, and the locker room may be in favor of bringing the Hulkster back, it is the sponsors of the WWE who may ultimately decide his fate. Snickers have already flexed their sponsorship money by getting the name of the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal changed so WWE would have to make sure that the sponsors would not mind that they were bringing Hulk Hogan back to the WWE.