The Best Coliseum Video Releases On The WWE Network

For the kids in the 90’s, WWE on home video was the coolest thing ever. I am from the UK and we got nearly all the Coliseum Video releases, but they were sold through Silver Vision, even though they still were part of Coliseum Video.

With the WWE Network adding a lot of these releases, I wanted to have some fun and share what my favorites (so far) are from their WWE Home Video Classics Section.


5. Mega Matches

I have a lot of nostalgia for this one as I remember it being heavily advertised in the WWF Magazine back in the day. One of the major highlights of this tape is the Big Boss Man vs Bobby The Brain Heenan. During this time Heenan was awesome as he made joke after joke about Bossman’s Mama. Bossman ran through the whole Heenan family, even getting his hands on Bobby himself! The profile on Randy Savage during his Macho King phase and the match with him against former King, Jim Duggan is also a lot of fun.


4. WWF U.S Rampage

They released a couple of U.S Rampage tapes back in the day. The shtick of this one is Sean Mooney, Bobby Heenan and Gene Oakerland on a golf course, it is pretty entertaining stuff between the matches. Some really fun matches on here such as Mr. Perfect vs British Bulldog, Rockers, and The Big Bossman vs the Nasty Boys and the Mountie. This tape also features one of the rare Ultimate Warrior vs Undertaker matches from house shows of this era….. but it is not exactly a highlight of the tape. With a lot of short matches and the awesome comedy of The Brain, Mooney, and Oakerland, this is fun one to watch if you like early 90’s wrestling.


3. Battle Royal At The Albert Hall

This is such a weird event to even exist, but I remember watching this on TV as a kid and then getting the videotape, it was a huge deal here in the UK. The whole aesthetic of this show is fantastic and unlike any other WWE show, wrestling at the Albert Hall sounds like it would never work, but it does. The main event is the Battle Royal, but there are some great matches on here Rockers vs Nasty Boys, Tito Santana vs Ric Flair and The Mountie vs Texas Tornado are all fun matches. Of course, as this is in the UK, British Bulldog wins the battle royal.


2. Super Tape 92

The main reason that we all bought this tape back in the day was that it featured the matches from the WWF PPV, This Tuesday In Texas. With the return match of Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan and the very underrated match between, Jake Roberts and Randy Savage, this event is short but pretty fun. The real surprise for me is the match between Bret Hart and Skinner which is far better than you would think.


1. Smack Em, Whack Em

I kid you not, as a child I watched this tape so much that it actually gave out! This tape is stacked and if you are a Bret Hart fan it is a must. Here you have the first WWE Ladder Match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Bret Hart winning the title from Ric Flair and Undertaker vs Razor Ramon are another two fun matches on this tape. As well as the spotlight on Bret Hart, Yokozuna is featured. There is a skit called cooking for the single man with Gene Oakerland and Yokozuna and it is classic early 90’s WWE!


These are my favorites so far, but I cannot wait for them to add some more. What are your favorite WWE Coliseum Video releases on the WWE Network?