What Does Daniel Bryan Returning To The Ring Mean For The WWE?

The Background

If you are a wrestling fan then you no doubt know the story of Daniel Bryan being cut down while in the prime of his career. It is hard to think of a wrestler who was more popular with the fans than he was during his run to WrestleMania.

The fans wanted him as the main guy and while some may say they had to be taken there kicking and screaming, the WWE did eventually do this and the end result was him standing tall with both titles at the end of WrestleMania XXX.


Concussions are a horrible thing and as fans, we still remember that cage match where he looked and was acting kind of weird after taking one too many shots to the head. It is easy to understand why the WWE would not want to take the risks with a performer who has suffered multiple concussions, not just that, but other injuries as well. While it sucks as a fan to see one of your favorite guys not be able to perform. All those years of high impact moves and matches caught up with Daniel Bryan and his body needed a rest.

It is fair to say that many of us thought that he would never compete in a WWE ring again. He had been cleared by numerous doctors to return to the ring for quite some time now, but the WWE as having none of it and their own doctors still said no. This is understandable. As at the end of the day as well as Daniel Bryan’s health it is the WWE’s neck that is on the line if anything were to happen to him while he is in a WWE ring after he has been cleared by a WWE doctor.

Daniel Bryan has made it perfectly clear that he wants to return to in ring action and as many have said that his contract is up later this year. Maybe the WWE thought that it was better to roll the dice and have him performing for them rather than someone else.

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Yes, Yes, Yes

Is what many of us fans were shouting at our computer or phone screens the other day when the WWE announced that Daniel Brian had been cleared to return to in ring action. It was so cool to see this, but at the same time you have to say “can’t anything be a surprise anymore?” As awesome as it is to know he is coming back, just imagine if this week on Smackdown he came down the aisle and just started kicking butt out of nowhere, the reaction would have been insane.

Speaking of insane on this week’s Smackdown, the WWE wasted no time at all in getting him back into action as he went toe to toe with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a segment that was incredibly well done. This went from being a feel good, “holy crap he’s still got it” kind of moment to a really brutal and dark one. The offense that he was doing (those crazy corner kicks where he nearly lands on his head!) was crazy to see and you did wince whenever he did one…. But that was nothing compared to the beat down that he suffered at the hands of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, including a rather stiff and brutal looking powerbomb on the apron.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are two of the best so you would have to say that for a first in ring segment for a few years, he was in safe hands. There was no denying that the fans went nuts when Daniel Bryan started to fight back and clearly people are going to be willing to get right behind him again.


The Future!

So the big question, of course, is what does this mean for the WWE going forward? Well, they have to lose him as the authority figure of Smackdown, but in the immediate future, you would have to think that this is building towards a tag team match at WrestleMania that will see him team up with Shane McMahon to take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The only thing with this is, we only have a couple of weeks until WrestleMania so they are going to have to be very quick with the buildup.

After this match, they, of course, could have the option to have him face Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens a few more times or they might move onto something else!

On Smackdown there are some very exciting possibilities. Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles are the two that pop into mind right away. As you would think that Daniel Bryan is going to be thrown right into the main event scene, but there is one guy that Daniel Bryan has some real unfinished business with and that is The Miz.

These two had a great little feud going that really brought out the best in The Miz. Unfortunately, due to his health problems the two of them could never get physical at the time, but now that he is cleared, even with The Miz being on RAW now, this is one feud that could be a lot of fun for the fans. Give Daniel Bryan something to do and also keep him out of the WWE title picture for the time being.

While Daniel Bryan has always said that he would one day wrestle again, many of us never actually thought it would happen…. Especially inside a WWE ring so this is really cool to see.

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