Aleister Black Revealed To Be Attacked By All The Suspects

August did not start out so well for Aleister, as he was knocked unconscious in the parking lot of the Full Sail arena on the August 8th, 2018 edition of NXT. What seemingly started out as just another attack by Tomasso Ciampa had turned into an all-out investigation organized by WWE.

Of course, Tomasso was still a prime suspect, but there were a bunch of other superstars who were put on the suspect list, apparently just because they were hanging around in the parking lot near the crime scene. This makes the mystery even more absorbing and finding the offender much more challenging.

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However, the whodunit is now resolved.

It has been revealed that each and every single person that was suspected ended up being the actual perpetrators, à la Murder on the Orient Express. Yep, all 16 suspects played a part in this assault. From the husband-and-wife couple of Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae to the humongous beast that was Lars Sullivan, all 16 wrestlers at the parking lot that night took shots at the former NXT Championship.

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This was actually a logical solution, being able to explain the big difference in intensity between bruises coming from the same shots e.g. Kassius Ohno’s elbow strike versus that of Kairi Sane. Logical? Yes. But surprising? Absolutely. No one really saw it coming; everyone assumed that it was the work of one person.

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We were right about one thing, though – Tomasso Ciampa played a huge role in this attack. He was the one who planned this entire scheme. He pitched creative to hire, re-hire, or postpone the graduation to the main roster of the other 15 superstars in the collusion. Tomasso’s entire heel run was dedicated for this plan.

The breakaway from Johnny Gargano and the fans, as well as the slow turn to lunacy were to re-enforce the lone-wolf image to everyone subscribing to the WWE Network or streaming NXT shows illegally online. Tomasso only did this to protect everyone else involved in the beating-up of Aleister Black. He took all the hate to himself so that everyone could get away with the wrongdoing. Now that is what we call, “sacrificing for the greater good”.

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But why though? What fueled Tomasso Ciampa’s hatred for Aleister Black so much that he had to forgo his blooming wrestling career?

One word – family.

You see, Aleister Black has a darker past than we may think. Five years ago, he kidnapped a little 3-year-old girl for ransom but killed the girl anyways even after he had received the money in full. And, surprise surprise, that little girl turned out to be Ciampa’s daughter. Tomasso was heart-broken ever since, but his drive for vengeance was what got him back up on his feet and motivated him to devise a plan to make Aleister suffer for all that he had done to him.

And for the first time in our great careers as detectives, there is no true justice.

DISCLAIMER: The above story is a pure work of… well…KAYFABE.. and nowhere close to reality. Do not believe this.