Santina Marella To Return At WWE Evolution

WWE Evolution will take place in October 2018, and it will be the first-ever PPV in WWE history to only feature women.

And as if that had not been ground-breaking enough, WrestlingWorld has just received another shocking news: SANTINA MARELLA WILL MAKE HER WRESTLING RETURN AT WWE EVOLUTION!

For those who are unfortunate enough to miss the greatness that is Santina Marella in action, she was a goddess who was the twin sister of Santino Marella. Nothing fishy there – most twins have very similar names as well.

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Santina is most known for her victory in a 25-woman battle royale at WrestleMania 25, thereby being crowned the inaugural Miss WrestleMania. Actually, Santina was a two-time Miss WrestleMania, since she lost that title to Vickie Guerrero around one and a half months after winning it (and successfully defending it once) and won it back about three weeks later at Extreme Rules.

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Remarkably, in her second victory for the title, she was in a handicap position against Vickie and Chavo Guerrero in the most brutal stipulation of all – a Hog Pen match. Sadly, Santina’s career ended abruptly just two weeks into her second reign as Miss WrestleMania – the current President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, fired her and scraping the “Miss WrestleMania” title altogether. A sad day for humanity it was.

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Santina kept a low profile since, until the news of an all-women PPV broke. Suddenly, that urge to grab other ladies by the hair rumbles inside her again.

“I think that this is a historic event for the women in WWE, past, present, and future. It would be great if I could be a part of that”, shared Santina in an exclusive interview with WrestlingWorld.

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She contacted Mr. McMahon as soon as she possibly could, and, to her surprise, Vinnie Mac welcomed her with open arms.

“You know, after that messy firing courtesy of Donald Trump, I thought my relationship with WWE could never be the same. But I was wrong. Mr. McMahon was very generous and welcomed me home in the warmest way imaginable. Everything felt like my first day here, on the casting couch.”

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It did not take long for the two to work out a role for Santina at WWE Evolution. But when asked exactly what that role is, Santina only confirmed that it will involve some capacity of in-ring action. Asked for more detail, and all she gave us was a wink and a flash of her Cobra.

From how we see it, her appearance on the show is going to be substantial. We could only speculate, but we think she could be in for a championship opportunity – after all, she never lost her “Miss WrestleMania” championship, and she could use that as a basis to demand a championship match in either brand – just look at Finn Balor to see how effective that strategy was.

More importantly, will Santina Marella be in for a long-term stint between the ropes? We could only wait…

DISCLAIMER: The above story is a pure work of… well…KAYFABE.. and nowhere close to reality. Do not believe this.