10 Awesome Scenarios For Dean Ambrose’s Return

Image via stillrealtous.com

Dean Ambrose has been out of action for a long time now since he suffered an injury late last year. Dean was expected to return to wrestling after nine months of rehabilitation and if the rumors are true, we could see him as early as next week at Summerslam.

Even though Dean will most likely be returning to RAW, possibilities are abundant on SmackDown as well. Here are a few RAW and SmackDown scenarios that could make use of a Lunatic Fringe.

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A feud with Braun Strowman (RAW)

Image via sportzwiki.com

The feud Ambrose had with Brock Lesnar proved one thing. He can go with a beast of a man and still make it feel like he could win. He could have a barn-burning feud with the monster among who currently is feuding with Kevin Owens which should come to a culmination at Summerslam. Both men could benefit from this immensely as Strowman can come out of it looking even stronger while Ambrose can become the ultimate underdog.

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A feud with Samoa Joe (SmackDown)

Image via WWE.com

If WWE’s track record is anything to go by then they would have Ambrose return against the guy who took him out. That is the most logical way to go and if Joe wins the title at Summerslam he could have a feud with Ambrose over the title and two could really benefit from this. The other angle that WWE could work is by making Ambrose cost Joe the title shot at Summerslam allowing AJ Styles to retain and then Joe and Ambrose could really have great reasons to take the fight to each other.