10 Awesome Scenarios For Dean Ambrose’s Return

A feud with Elias (RAW)

Image via dailyddt.com

Imagine Ambrose trying to conduct his own music concert. It would probably be a beat up guitar with broken strings that he tries to play with a baseball bat. This would be one feud you would just love watching as it probably will involve a lot of laughs. They also have quite a similar wrestling style and that should make them really interesting inside the ring as well.

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Taking on Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown)

Image via 24wrestling.com

If the recent union of Wyatt and Matt Hardy is anything to go by then it is that when two crazies meet amazing things can happen. It is common knowledge that Nakamura isn’t in a great place right now and a feud with the lunatic fringe might just be what the doctor ordered. The two could be great in the ring as well as outside the ring. If WWE really want to take it a step further then they could team the two of them and wreak havoc on the tag division.