10 Awesome Scenarios For Dean Ambrose’s Return

As a tag partner for Daniel Bryan (SmackDown)

Image via thesouthafrican.com

Bryan had been having a great run as the tag partner of Kane but that came to an abrupt halt with Kane’s injury and subsequent election as the mayor of Knox County. That has left Bryan to feud with The Miz and while that has been great it hasn’t created the same amount of buzz. Bryan and Ambrose teaming up would be totally new thing and it will also take some load off of Bryan who has been desperately asking for it.

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The next Paul Heyman guy

Image via complex.com

Ambrose can be the perfect Paul Heyman guy. He isn’t the typical wrestler and he is just crazy enough for Heyman to have problems managing him which can add an important dynamic. Heyman can then petition for a championship match for his client that would make it a lot more worthwhile than the last world title run that Ambrose had. Who knows? He could end up being bigger than CM Punk.