10 Best WWE NXT Wrestlers Of 2017

2017 was a continuation of a trend that has been set ever since NXT’s inception: Well-built characters interacting with one another to create well-woven storylines, resulting in well-executed matches. Except for maybe (a BIG maybe) the last part, NXT has surpassed the main roster in all aspects that make a wrestling brand great. Hell, NXT may have become the unspoken main roster itself.

For that reason, we have decided to dedicate a list to the wrestlers of the yellow brand. Sadly, we will have to exclude the likes of Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne – they might have had a few stellar matches in an NXT ring last year, but they did not participate in any NXT storylines. Wrestlers who “graduated” to RAW or Smackdown by the end of 2017 can still be eligible for this list if their contributions in NXT had been significant enough and their performances had been sufficiently good.

So, with that in mind, let us get right into the 10th position! Or maybe not…

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Honorable Mentions: Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne


Who said they could not have been honorably mentioned? Following the roaring success that is the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, WWE did surprisingly little to capitalize on the opportunity. The wrestlers in the tournament got very little exposure on WWE shows afterwards. However, two faces slowly emerged: Tyler Bate, the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship, a handsome waving guy who is much stronger than an average person of his size; and Pete Dunne, a brutal powerhouse who is all too willing to snap people’s fingers and punch other people’s faces inwards. Each person had good matches defending the championship, but it was when they fought against each other did the stars properly align. Their three scintillating battles were good in their own ways, and they were integral in elevating the status of the WWE United Kingdom Championship and the UK division as a whole. For the trilogy was so, so good, we hereby recommend you watch all three encounters.