10 Crazy Things That Could Happen At SummerSlam 2018

#7. The Bludgeon Brothers Are Defeated

Image via sescoops.com

This could be a fluke victory that no one sees coming like a roll up or something along those lines. The Bludgeon Brothers have been winning everything for a long time and that is making them a bit too monotonous.

An unexpected loss could allow them to go on an awesome rampage where they destroy everything on SmackDown for the coming weeks kinda like the Nexus did during their debut. This will make the tag division on SmackDown a lot more dynamic and if New Day is the team picking up the win then that can allow for some pancake madness as well.

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#8. Lesnar Retains the Universal Championship

Image via cagesideseats.com

When it comes to Lesnar, WWE is known to do double swerves where they have everyone convinced that Lesnar is going to lose the title only for him to retain. That can again happen on Sunday just because WWE knows everyone is really sure that Lesnar will drop his title this time.

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While his UFC commitments means that he will have even fewer appearances in WWE if any but WWE just loves to prove its fans wrong. Lesnar is scheduled to have a closed door meeting with WWE on Sunday evening right before SummerSlam. This means the outcome of the Reigns-Lesnar match is still undecided and this one is very much a possibility