10 Crazy Things That Could Happen At SummerSlam 2018

#9. Roman Reigns Becomes the Next Paul Heyman Guy

Image via wrestlingnews.co

This could be the biggest surprise of Summerslam. Roman Reigns and WWE have been trying everything in their powers to sell him as a babyface but it has been met with resounding rejection from the WWE universe. A heel turn can do wonders for him and just imagine Reigns aligning himself with Heyman.

It will take out his one weakness which is his mic skill and people already hate him making it feel a lot more natural. If he wins the title on Sunday then a heel Reigns can feud with a face Strowman and WWE could have the feud of the decade.

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#10. Dean Ambrose Turns Heel

Image via WWE.com

We all know this is coming and it could happen as soon as this Sunday. There were plenty of pointers to this during Ambrose’s return on RAW. For starters, his crazy smile was missing throughout the segment. He seemed to be very angry and dead serious.

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There was an uncomfortable chemistry between him and Rollins. A sense of unease that was highly palpable. Sunday could be the perfect set up for a heel turn. He could turn away his back when Rollins needs his help the most and then return with a chair and return the favor for Rollins’ betrayal that ended the first run of The Shield.