10 Shocking Scenarios That May Take Place At WrestleMania 36

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2020 has been crazy for WWE, so far. They have had to cancel multiple live shows due to the coronavirus outbreak and now, even WrestleMania isn’t going to happen inside the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa but in an empty Performance Center and other undisclosed locations.

We know that ‘Mania brings uncertainty with itself and the outcomes are hard to predict. In the past few months, WWE had to change most of its plans and the end product is right in front of us now. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, WWE has had to do things that nobody has predicted. And here are 10 more that could transpire at WrestleMania 36, though highly unlikely and definitely shocking if it does.

10. The Fiend Loses Yet Again

Image via WWE

Goldberg defeated The Fiend at Super ShowDown. Just when we thought Bray Wyatt’s character is dead, he challenged John Cena for a WrestleMania match.

It’s likely going to end with him winning the match if that’s the plan. One of the shocking things that could happen is Cena defeating The Fiend and starting a storyline for his record-breaking championship run.

9. John Cena Retires

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For a moment, let’s just get ourselves back into reality. The Fiend isn’t going to lose, is he? He will most certainly defeat John Cena and cement himself as a threat again.

Then, Cena could retire from WWE. Mick Foley believes this could happen, we think too, but what about the fans? We have all been predicting for The Undertaker’s retirement but were we ever right about it? No. It’ll be unlikely that The Cenation Leader ties up his boots at WrestleMania that’s without a crowd, but it’s a possibility.

8. Vince McMahon ‘Screws’ Roman Reigns

Image via WWE

The Universal Champion will defend his title against Roman Reigns at the Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania. The match is predictable. Everybody knows who’s going to win.

But what if Vince McMahon suddenly changes up his mind as he did two years ago and prevent Reigns from becoming the champion at WrestleMania? He’s good at throwing curveballs like these.

7. Becky Lynch Retains

Image via Reddit

Everyone is mad about the way Elimination Chamber ended and how Shayna Baszler was handed the victory. She dominated the match.

Her victory at Chamber was inevitable. But what are her chances of defeating Becky Lynch at WrestleMania? Probably a hundred percent.

Just remember, Lynch is the same woman who defeated Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. She’s the one John Cena requested to work with. And she’s the one whose merchandise everyone wears. She may not be able to take out Baszler at ‘Mania but she’s money. If McMahon thinks Lynch’s victory would hurt the company financially, he’d do anything to prevent it from happening.

6. Brock Lesnar Conquers Drew McIntyre

Image via WWE

The 2020 Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre is heavily protected in WWE. Vince McMahon wants him to become a world champion and even Brock Lesnar supports this decision.

While we don’t see any reason why McMahon might prevent The Scottish Psychopath from winning the title at WrestleMania, this is a possibility even if it’s unlikely.

This would also be the worst decision of the night and will spoil months of effort WWE put in to build McIntyre’s character. Perhaps, he could challenge for the title later during SummerSlam?

5. Christian Shows Up

Image via BleacherReport

Edge and Randy Orton are going to tussle it out at WrestleMania. Their rivalry is probably the best storyline on RAW. Orton has already taken out Beth Phoenix and Matt Hardy who came to stand up against the violence.

One person who’s close to Edge is Christian, and he hasn’t shown up on RAW in any capacity. WWE might be saving him for WrestleMania.

The Rated R superstar and The Viper will provide a great match but Edge has to win it, in a great fashion. But if he just goes up there at beat Orton, this will hurt his character. He’s performing at his peak, right now, and it’ll be foolish to have him lose clean. Enter Captain Charisma!

He could come to save the day for Edge if he doesn’t stand up on his own in the Last Man Standing match.

4. Ronda Rousey Returns

Image via WWE

Fans have been predicting Ronda Rousey’s return for a while now. She lost her RAW Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35 and hasn’t turned up on television since.

However, there’s a slight chance that Rousey could show up at ‘Mania this year and take out her rival Lynch during her match. Everyone is aware of the friendship between Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler. 

These two women (Rousey and Lynch) could continue their feud over the summer.

3. Alexa Bliss Turns On Nikki Cross

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Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are likely going to challenge The Kabuki Warriors at WrestleMania for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Everyone is betting on them to win this match. But, WWE could throw a curveball here and turn Alexa Bliss on her partner Nikki Cross.

They have been together for so long that their alliance doesn’t feel exciting anymore. Also, Bliss is better off without Cross as her tag team partner.

2. Bayley Retains; WWE Plants The Seeds Of Breakup

Image via WWE

Bayley will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship in a Six-Pack match that also features her best-friend Sasha Banks as her opponent. 

One thing fans are expecting is that Bayley will lose her championship to Banks during the match. However, it may not happen.

We know that Bayley and Sasha Banks are going to feud, but it’ll not happen until a few more months. WWE will want to build their rivalry first before a title change. Perhaps, Bayley and Banks will team-up at WrestleMania and take out the other 4 wrestlers. 

In the end, Bayley could take advantage and win the whole thing (without facing Banks). It’ll be a perfect storyline to break them up.

1. The Undertaker Loses

Image via WWE

You know it’s never going to happen, don’t you? Well, that’s why it will be shocking if it does. The Undertaker is known for his WrestleMania appearances. However, the new Undertaker we saw recently on RAW seems different than usual. 

AJ Styles, while a great performer, doesn’t have the potential to beat Undertaker. Vince McMahon wouldn’t let that happen. But considering, The Deadman has already pinned Styles, one would question the point of this match. Haven’t we already seen this in a way? Perhaps, they are planning to shock the world by letting Styles win? Who knows.

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