10 Wrestlers AEW Should Sign In The Near Future


AEW is already underway and they have proved that they are no less than WWE in any manner, in fact, they seem to be better than WWE in some aspect. The only thing they are lacking is some big names, which they will surely have in future. They have everything that attract the big guns, their following has been in huge numbers and Tony Khan, their CEO comes from one of the richest families of USA.

Even though they have big names like Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega and Cody, it may not be enough to take on an industry giant like WWE. Here we have compiled a list of 10 wrestlers that AEW should definitely sign in future keeping in mind their stardom and skills who can take them to new heights.

10. Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace

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Jordynne Grace is a strong character and she has been brilliant in Impact. She’s been in tough fights and have lived the storylines up to expectations as well.

Grace has her own way of wrestling and her body language and personality is also quite unique. Grace participated in the All In battle royal where she was the only female competitor and eliminated Brian Cage.

‘Thick Mama Pump’ could easily be a heel or a face and if Tony and Co. want to build a solid women’s division, then they should definitely sign her.

9. CM Punk

CM Punk

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CM Punk is one of the most rebellious and intelligent wrestlers the wrestling world has ever seen. He has achieved everything in his pro wrestling career, although he couldn’t carry his winning streak to the UFC where he’s been no less than a disappointment but apart from that he was one of the biggest stars of WWE as well as ECW.

WWE relied a lot on him considering his fan following and he was the only one whose stardom was close to John Cena’s. There were occasions when the fans booed Cena when he went head to head against Punk.

Punk has been a controversial yet influencing character for the fans. Coming from a humble background he has seen it all. According to recent rumors, CM Punk is in talks with AEW and a secret deal could already be in the works. Punk has everything which AEW needs at the moment and he’ll be an AEW star hopefully soon.

8. Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard

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Impact superstar, Tessa Blanchard is one of the most sought-after female stars in wrestling world at the moment. She is the daughter of Tully Banchard who is a WWE Hall of Famer and a member of the original Four Horsemen.

She is known for her wrestling skills and an unforgiving character. She’s been a part of some bloody fights and she is someone who is not afraid of tasting some blood for the sake of entertainment.

Tessa is someone who can give a major boost to AEW’s women’s division because of the angry violent character. She can be a top heel in AEW.

7. Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura

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The 2018 Royal Rumble winner, Shinsuke Nakamura is another superstar that Tony Khan should secure immediately. The Japanese sensation is one of the most famous wrestlers in the Asia as well as Africa. He has a very powerful resume, performed all around the globe, finally settling in U.S.

Nakamura is currently with WWE with more than 2 years left on his contract. The 39 year-old recently revealed that he is planning to retire at the age of 45 because of Ichiro Suzuki, his idol also retired at the age of 45.

“I want to wrestle at least five more years. I’m 39 now. (Former MLB) baseball player Ichiro Suzuki retired at 45 and he was such an influence for Japanese sportsmen, especially those who lived in other countries. And so I need to wrestle until I’m 45 years old.” He said, while talking about his retirement.

Nakamura is currently not a part of any storyline, and this is the ideal moment when Tony Khan should approach him, yes it’ll cost him a little extra keeping in mind the time he has left on his contract but there is no other wrestler with the same impact as of Nakamura’s.

6. Rosemary


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Rosemary can be a major game changer, she is a complete package. She is a female version of Jeff Hardy when it comes to acrobatic skills and her spookiness will remind you of Undertaker.

She is never afraid of falling above the ropes and tables and chairs are her best friends. Her arrival can raise the wrestling bar as well as popularity of the show especially since Cody has stated that AEW will not shy away from blood and violence.