Mythbuster: WWE IS NOT FAKE! ITS SCRIPTED! Professional Wrestling has often been termed as “soap opera for men”, but it is simply not true. Granted there are stories being told, dramatics being performed and lots and lots of cliched dialogues, but the end product is two superstars performing wrestling moves inside a squared circle.

WWE wrestlers take heavy tolls on their bodies each time they step foot inside the ring. Several dangerous moves are performed, and there is a great risk involved each time these individuals perform those maneuvers.

WWE has increased the safety of its wrestlers ever since the abrupt deaths of several superstars. We look at some of these dangerous moves which WWE had to ban from its programming to ensure safety for its wrestlers.

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10. Muscle Buster

muscle buster - one of the wrestling moves banned by WWE
Samoa Joe – Muscle Buster

Samoa Joe’s finisher in NXT, the devastating Muscle Buster, was banned from WWE programming ever since the tragic accident involving Tyson Kidd. The move in which Joe takes the superstar from the top rope on to his shoulders and slams them onto the mat.

Tyson Kidd suffered a life-threatening injury after Joe delivered a muscle buster, following which WWE removed that move from Joe’s arsenal. Joe has stuck to the Coquina Clutch since then.

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9. Vertebreaker

vertebreaker - one of the wrestling moves banned by WWE

Hurricane Helms, who made an appearance this year at Comic-Con, used to perform the Vertebreaker during his initial run with WWE. It was a modified piledriver, in which Helms dropped the opponent on his back.

Helms never ever looked in control of this move, which was eventually banned by WWE.