8. Burning Hammer

burning hammer - one of the wrestling moves banned by WWE
Brian Kendrick – Burning Hammer

A move which hasn’t seen the light of day on WWE television, but is quite popular in the indie circuit. Burning Hammer is quite similar to John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment, with some added rotations and the opponent being dropped quite dangerously on their necks.

Former Cruiserweight Champion, Brian Kendrick, somehow got permission to use this move during the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016. But this move has never made it to 205 Live or any other WWE show.

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7. Canadian Destroyer

Rey Mysterio – Canadian Destroyer

Yet another popular move in the independent scene, The Canadian Destroyer is considered as one of the most dangerous moves in professional wrestling. The chances of a superstar landing on his neck and suffering a near-fatal injury are quite high with the Canadian Destroyer. 

Scott Steiner’s accomplice Petey Williams made this move popular during his time in TNA. Even though this was one of the wrestling moves banned by WWE, Rey Mysterio recently executed this move perfectly in a match with Andrade.