4. The Original Pedigree 

The Pedigree was made famous by Triple H and was later adopted by Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins had to use the Pedigree after his own finisher, Curb Stomp was banned (but later revoked) from WWE.

The Pedigree which Triple H used in the 90s was much more dangerous to the one he uses today. The risk of the opponent busting their face wide open due to impact was significantly high.

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3. Wings of Love

Wings of Love

Former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool used a double underhook facebuster as her finisher for quite some time, and the move itself looked slick and extreme in a Diva’s Division which was filled with hair pulling and slapping. This eventually became one of the wrestling moves banned by WWE, as it was deemed a tad too much for the women’s wrestling and had chances of injury associated with it.