12 WWE Superstars Who Could Leave In 2019


WWE is considered the pinnacle of pro-wrestling but it is not for everyone. A lot of this often boils down to WWE’s apparent inability to recognize and treat talent the way they are supposed to. Until recently, going elsewhere was considered a big step down but that has changed now with the indies as well as the upcoming AEW seeming like options as good if not better. Sad as it is, we might see a whole host of talent leaving WWE soon and here are 12 of them who could leave this year.


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Paige had been ruled out of in-ring competition some time ago but her run as the general manager on SmackDown Live was quite entertaining. She was stripped off of that position recently and the only reason she has been associated with WWE of late was to promote the movie “Fighting with my family” which is based on her. Her contract expires in 2019 and she is not expected to sign again or probably be offered a new contract.

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Even though he hasn’t officially announced his retirement, Kane is expected to take the silent route to retirement. He may still be able to wrestle but his mayoral duties combined with his ownership of an insurance company and the fact that he is quite old now, this is expected to be the year where he finally calls it quits.

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Big Show

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Big Show is another wrestler who will probably make a last hurrah at WrestleMania and that too in the form of some backstage segment and then exit the company for good. His current contract status is not known but last we heard it was pretty much over last year and 2019 might be the year where WWE and the “World’s Largest Athlete” call it quits.

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If a list was made of all the wrestlers who are being underutilized by WWE then Rusev would easily top the list and would have probably done so for the last few years. His recent title run that lasted an insignificant amount of time might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He does have some time still left in his contract but he is expected to take the Neville route.