12 WWE Superstars Who Could Leave In 2019

The Good Brothers

Image via biggoldbeltgroup.com

Another talent that hasn’t been doing much for over a year now. They will probably go back to their strong hold NJPW once their contract runs out sometime during the next few months. WWE cannot be faulted in their case. It was just that there was no place for the Good Brothers to make an impact in WWE.

Mickie James

Image via WWE

The funny thing is that Mickie James hasn’t renewed her contract in a long time. She has been in WWE mostly because of the unique circumstances involving top talent being injured and the lack of established names. That has changed now and Mickie James is getting there as far as her age is concerned too and 2019 could be the year she finally leaves for good.

Renee Young

Image via Twitter.com

With the announcement that Dean Ambrose won’t be renewing his contract, his wife Renee is also expected to follow suit. The same thing happened with AJ Lee back in the day when CM Punk left WWE. Renee did break new ground by becoming the first full-time female commentator but she might not want to stick around in a place where her husband wasn’t treated right. She has hinted about leaving, on her social media accounts.

Shinsuke Nakamura

Image via WWE

Another casualty of the “he should have been big but isn’t”, Nakamura’s contract is expiring in 2019 and he is expected to go back to NJPW where the expected departure of Kenny Omega would mean that he would be the biggest name there, a status he will never achieve in his current run with the WWE.