12 WWE Superstars Who Could Leave In 2019

Dean Ambrose

Image via WWE

WWE recently announced that Dean Ambrose would not be renewing his contract which did come as a surprise to many especially since he was considered one of the mainstays of the roster. It all stems down to the way his heel character has been developed including all the mean things he had to say against the cancer-afflicted Roman Reigns. He is also being touted as a major player for the upcoming AEW.

AJ Styles

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Dean Ambrose might not be biggest name to leave WWE in the foreseeable future. AJ Styles’ contract expires in April and there is no word yet of him signing again. He is also expected to be the other big name AEW is expected to go after. AJ Styles it seems has gone as far as he would in the WWE and it is nowhere close to what he wanted.

Dolph Ziggler

Another wrestler who seems perennially on the verge of leaving WWE is Dolph Ziggler. After being stuck in limbo for another two years, it seems that 2019 is finally when Dolph will leave to pursue other avenues. He is stuck in the same kind of rut that Cody Rhodes was stuck in before leaving WWE. Dolph would be hungry to replicate Rhodes’ success since his departure. Ziggler recently denied an offer from WWE to become a producer.

Ronda Rousey

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This might come as perhaps the biggest surprise but think about it. The UFC schedule wasn’t so demanding. John Cena once remarked that when you are the champion you could end up being on the road for more than 300 days. That could be really difficult for a family person and Rousey wants to spend more time with family. She even went on a tearful tirade lamenting the same.

Rousey will not be technically quitting WWE which she recently confirmed while addressing the same rumor. However, she might take the Bellas’ route where she could be away from WWE for a while and then come back later.