15 Best Money In The Bank Cash Ins

15 Best Money In The Bank Cash Ins

What started as a way to get more people on the Wrestlemania card has taken a life of its own and the Money in the Bank match is probably the best gimmick match put out by WWE. It has wonderful qualities like unpredictability both during and after the match while it also adds a whole new dimension to the title picture. An important reason behind this success is the “Cash in” aspect of this gimmick. It is like a surprise we all know is coming but are still excited to see. When done right it can create some of the most memorable moments in WWE history. Here is a ranking of 15 of the 19 Money In The Bank cash-ins we have seen so far from the worst to best.

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15. Damien Sandow (2013)

Photo Credit: WWE

Till this cash-in the holder of the MITB suitcase was just biding his time to be the champ. He became the first winner of the MITB contact to lose the cash in and that too pretty cleanly. Sandow was one of those wrestlers who was excellent but was inexplicably ruined by the WWE. This ruination can be traced back to this cash in when Sandow became the first man to cash in and lose. What did he expect doing so against ‘The Champ’ John Cena?