15 Wildest WWE Extreme Rules Moments

15 Wildest WWE Extreme Rules Moments

Extreme rules has been one of those pay per views that has constantly been living up to its name (unlike the great balls of fire). It has been jam-packed with moments that were so “extreme” and awesome that time literally stood still at the shock and horror on display. Many of the spots looked so painful that it hurts just to watch. Today we have combined 15 of the most awesome and wildest WWE Extreme Rules moments from the past as we prepare for another mouth-watering edition this Sunday.

15. Triple H Eats a Hammer

Not literally. Triple H has long been one of the baddest men in all of wrestling. Brock Lesnar is a true freak of nature and worthy of being called the beast incarnate. It was little surprise that when the two met at Extreme Rules in 2013, in a steel cage no less, that there would be some really extreme spots. The entire match was hard-hitting but the highlight was Lesnar taking Triple H’s weapon of choice – a sledgehammer, to the face of Triple H. While Triple H has done that to many others none were as vicious as this one.

Watch from 19:30