15 WWE Botches Of 2018 You Should Not Miss


WWE is the land of amazing athleticism and hard-hitting action. Sometimes though in an effort to make things edgy, wrestlers end up completely missing their spots and leading to awkward situations. 2018 was filled with some really horrendous botches. Here are 15 botches of 2018 that proved that wrestlers are human too.

Sin Cara At Extreme Rules

No name is more associated with botches in the modern era as much as Sin Cara. While things have improved massively since the wrestler under the Sin Cara mask has changed, there are still the occasional slip-ups.

This one at Extreme Rules was supposed to be a hurricanrana but ended being a weird move from the top that could have ended up dangerously for Andrade Almas but quick thinking from Almas’ part prevented that.

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Jinder Mahal Is The Best Actor At The Greatest Royal Rumble

Jinder Mahal and wrestling prowess aren’t two phrases usually associated together and for good reason. At the Greatest Royal Rumble, Jinder Mahal made the worst set of decisions. The US title match felt undercooked and this part of the match was the nail in the coffin.

Jinder got up when he was supposed to stay down as Jeff Hardy hit a Senton bomb causing Hardy to land on the mat but if Jinder had stayed put it could have been passed off as an evasive tactic. Instead Mahal fell down as if he had been hit by an invisible wrestler well after the move had been executed.

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The Production Team Makes A Snafu

The wrestlers at least can say that they are in a live situation and the occasional error is inevitable. The production team has the ability to edit things out but they didn’t use this ability on the March 6th episode of 205 leading to Drake Maverick clapping his hands and requesting for a retake during the official weigh-ins of Buddy Murphy being aired on the actual show.