WWE has a huge roster currently, and with the expansion of NXT as the third brand, there are more superstars in WWE than ever before. However, not all the wrestlers can sustain the pressure of working with WWE, and the job security in WWE is not that high.

WWE usually has a spring cleaning during WrestleMania, where many wrestlers are ‘future endeavored’. Apart from these, there are several superstars who get frustrated with their position in the company and request their release to venture into greener pastures.

We look at twenty major names who have left the company in recent years, and how their life has been after WWE.


At 4ft 5in, Hornswoggle (Dylan Mark Postl) was one of the shortest superstars to ever wrestle inside a WWE ring. Hornswoggle stayed with WWE for close to a decade and was part of several entertaining segments throughout his career.

Hornswoggle left WWE in 2016 and went on to compete in the independent scene and with other promotions like TNA, under the moniker Swoggle. He made a brief appearance at Greatest Royal Rumble last year, where he was eliminated by Tony Nese. He also returned for a comedy spot in the Women’s Royal Rumble match earlier this year. Hornswoggle recently published his autobiography “Life Is Short And So Am I“.

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The winner of the first season of NXT when it was in the reality show format, Wade Barrett (Stuart Alexander Bennett) had a topsy turvy career in WWE. He formed the Nexus with his NXT mates, and they were buried by John Cena at Summerslam. Barrett received an opportunity at a title of his choosing after his NXT victory and headlined PPVs during 2010.

Barrett was slowly relegated to the mid-card and won the IC title. He was the last King of the Ring, a competition he won in 2015. He joined Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio in the League of Nations in his last year with the company. He was released shortly after WrestleMania 32 and now works for World of Sport Wrestling as a commentator and executive.