Damien Sandow (Aron Steven Haddad) is a part of an elite club of superstars who have failed their Money in the Bank cash-in. His MITB win in 2014 was the biggest highlight of his WWE career and became the first superstar to lose by pinfall in his cash-in attempt.

Sandow had several different gimmicks in WWE and teamed up with a variety of superstars including Cody Rhodes, The Miz and Darren Young. Sandow’s release in 2016 was a major shocker for the fans due to his popularity, and he moved to TNA later that year, going by the name of Aaron Rex. He had a short stint with the company where he was pushed to the main event. He won the Impact Grand Championship and eventually left the company in 2017 to pursue an acting career.

Sandow recently returned to wrestling made his debut with NWA. 

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One of the highly talented superstars in WWE, Cody Rhodes (Cody Garrett Runnels) was wrestling royalty when he joined the company. His father Dusty Rhodes was a major name in professional wrestling, while his half-brother Goldust was one of the top superstars in the WWE during the 90s.

Cody won several championships and had great runs in WWE, but the company never managed to unlock his full potential. Cody had the most successful run of all the superstars on this list after leaving WWE in 2016. He won several championships in different promotions like ROH, NJPW, TNA, had a major part in the creation of All Elite Wrestling, and is currently battling WWE in the ‘Wednesday Night Wars’.