3 Botches You Might Have Missed At WWE Super Show-Down

wwe super showdown main event
Image via WWE.com

Botches have become an integral part of WWE of late. We are looking at you Brie Bella!. The Super Show-Down was a fairly successful show and like anything else WWE puts up, it had its ups and downs. There were quite a few botches that flew under the radar. Here are three of the most significant ones.

Bobby Lashley misses a Lou Thesz press

bobby lashley
Image via WWE.com

This is a fairly simple move that has been used by such superstars as Randy Orton and involves running backwards into the ring ropes and using that momentum to jump up and catch the opponent with the legs and press them into the mat.

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It is fairly simple with it all coming to the elevation. If it’s too high then the wrestler will go flying over the other wrestler and if it is too low then it will end up as an awkward jump with the wrestler landing just short of their opponent. That is exactly what happened during the Lashley match.

As he was the one from his team who spent the majority of the time in the ring, he needed to be sharp but for some reason he couldn’t execute this move the way it was supposed to be. We do have to give props to him and Elias for being able to continue with their match without much of a drama.