3 Botches You Might Have Missed At WWE Super Show-Down

Quite a few botches in the main event

Image via WWE.com

When you have four veterans well past their prime involved in a match then a few botches are just part of the package. Surprisingly, the number wasn’t as high as most would have expected. They still managed to put up a very decent match.

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There were, however, two big bloopers during the match. The first was courtesy the two men who were actually in the match. Triple H was thrown over barricade by the Undertaker and usually the spots where this happens is pre-decided in such a way that no fan is hurt. Triple H and Undertaker missed their mark slightly as Triple H was thrown a little too close to a wheelchair-ridden fan. Thankfully the fan did not seem too dazed by the incident.

The other one seemed to be a lapse in memory by HBK. He forgot that he was to hit a Sweet Chin Music on Kane’s chin and had to be quite visually reminded by Kane to hit the spot.