3 Insane Feats Of Strength By WWE Superstars

john cena big show
Image via psifitness.in

WWE is the land of giants and muscular men and women. So, a certain level of strength is expected from them. It isn’t a big deal for a wrestling fan to see a wrestler lift another wrestler clean off the ground and slam them into the mat.

However, sometimes certain displays of strengths can get so magnanimous that even the most seasoned wrestling fan’s jaw ends up hitting the floor. Here are three of the most insane of such displays.

John Cena’s insane Attitude Adjustment

Image via WWE.com

Whether you like him or hate him, you cannot deny the fact that John Cena is a strong dude. Even though his persona as a superman of wrestling has gotten passé, some of the insane displays of sheer muscle power still managed to be impressive.

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One of the best of such moments came at Wrestlemania 25. This was one of the first true supercards and had matches as iconic as the first Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels bout. Yet John Cena managed to do something that still ended up being a talking point.

He lifted Big Show with Edge stacked on top of him cleanly off the ground and delivered an Attitude Adjustment for the ages. That was a weight of nearly 750 pounds and it had even his most ardent haters tip their hats to his strength.