3 Insane Reasons Why Braun Strowman Did Not Win The Universal Championship

The Universal title match at Crown Jewel seemed like another rewrite of every other Lesnar fight where fans were expecting him to finally lose as his contract was over again only for him to win yet another title.

This isn’t great but what makes the whole thing an absolute mess is the way in which Strowman lost. It was a squash match and here are 3 possible reasons why Strowman did not win the championship like everyone expected.

WWE brass are unsure about his potential

Image via WWE.com

As fans, it is frustrating to see yet another wrestler who deserves to be in the lead being pushed down for a part-timer who barely shows up, let alone defend his title.

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Some reports suggest that WWE weren’t very keen on this at first but Roman’s unexpected sabbatical forced them to come to a decision and they went for what was familiar to them.

The original plan was to mould Strowman a bit more before putting the belt on him during which time Roman was supposed to be the champ. WWE just do not see Strowman as the guy who can carry the company, at least not yet and in their eyes, Lesnar represents a more secure champion who despite his sporadic appearances can garner more mainstream attention.