3 Of The Lamest WWE Finishers Of All Time

john cena finisher lightning fist
Image via WWE.com

John Cena has been creating or at least trying to create plenty of buzz for his sixth move of doom which to be fair is just a regular punch packaged in a shiny exterior. This is not the lamest finisher of all time though. That distinction is shared by the following three moves.

Cesaro’s Neutralizer

Image via WWE.com

Cesaro or the Swiss Superman is actually a very strong dude. Just go watch his workout videos and you will get an idea of how strong he is. Many who have worked with him like John Cena think that he is the strongest pound-for-pound wrestler in world. That makes it even more surprising that Cesaro uses one of the lamest finishers.

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The Neutralizer is hard to explain and it just doesn’t have that punch to it. The first part for sure demonstrates his strength when he lifts his opponent clean off the ground but everything else about the move is stupid. Add to that the neck crank Cesaro does just before the move which is even sillier considering the fact that he does not use his neck to execute the move.

It almost seems that he is very carefully and gently dropping his opponents which just makes any win with the Neutralizer seem like a big let-down.