3 Oldest WWE World Championship Winners

hulk hogan
Image via twitter.com

Even though age is said to be just a number, WWE isn’t a place that this is normally applicable to. After all, it is a physical sport that puts the body through a lot of punishment.

It is natural to assume that people beyond a certain age would not be able to climb all the way to the top and become champions. Such an assumption is wrong as men have done it time and again and here are three of the oldest with number 1 being a total surprise.

3. Hulk Hogan (48 years)

Image via WWE.com

If there was one man who was instrumental in getting WWE to where it is today then that has to be Hulk Hogan. Had he not involved himself in all the controversies then he would easily be on the most influential wrestlers of all time.

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He wasn’t the most technical of wrestlers but he had the charisma and ring presence to make up for it. His match with the Rock is easily one of the loudest matches in WWE. He won the world championship with WWE for the last time when he was 48 by beating none other than the Game Triple H in 2002.

This reign is significant as this was the last time the world title was known as the WWF championship before being rebranded as the WWE championship.