3 Reasons Why AJ Styles Lost The Championship To Daniel Bryan

Image via sportzmode.com

With Becky Lynch being injured on Monday the only title change that even remotely seemed possible was that of Lynch dropping her women’s championship but WWE shocked the heck out of everyone by making AJ Styles drop his title and bring to an end his historic reign at 371 days. This immediately sparked rumors of either an injury for Styles or backstage heat but neither turned out to be true. Here are the three reasons why Styles lost the championship to Daniel Bryan.

WWE did not want to rehash Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

Image via WWE.com

It is worth remembering that this was never WWE’s first choice for the men’s champion vs champion match at Survivor Series. Roman Reigns was still supposed to be the champion with him facing Styles for a match that would have been new and refreshing.

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Lesnar became the champ more out of necessity and WWE did not really want to have the same match headline successive Survivor Series PPVs. They also wanted to protect Styles from losing yet again to Lesnar. Having him drop the title to a heel Bryan keeps his momentum intact.

Bryan had been lobbying for a heel turn for some time now and WWE saw this as a better way to protect Styles than having him lose cleanly to Lesnar at the PPV.