3 Times WWE Went Too Far With Storylines

WWE’s bread and butter is showing violence and trying to push the limits without actually killing someone. There have been some really shocking angles that have gone beyond being a storyline to something in bad taste.

Millennials might not even know this but the wrestling landscape was very different and here are three times WWE pushed the boundaries too far.

Hanging Big Boss Man

The Undertaker has tried to murder another wrestler more than once on TV but this one has to take the cake.

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Undertaker was going through that weird early part of his Deadman persona where he would sacrifice his victims. After his match with the Boss Man inside a Cell he proceeded to hang Bossman from the cell as it was rising with the help of the Brood.

While this was done to incite shock from the audience, actually showing a man hanging was too hard to watch. The situation was made even more macabre with the way Paul Bearer was reacting to the whole thing.

This went beyond shock and was unpleasant and disturbing to view and possibly a moment that scarred the life of any child that was in attendance that night or watched it on TV.