3 Times WWE Went Too Far With Storylines

Sable’s Handprint Bikini

If one moment was needed to show how the female wrestlers in the past were viewed as then this is all you need to see.

Women were only viewed as eye candy who were there to further the interests of men. They were objectified all through the attitude era and this moment was the zenith of it all.

Sable was an incredibly sensuous woman and it seemed like Vince and his cohorts were looking for every opportunity to undress her. The annual bikini contest was a thing back then which while being a bit edgy was nothing more than what other TV shows were doing at this time.

This segment, however, bordered on full nudity as Sable removed her top with nothing but two handprints covering her delicates.

The reaction of Jerry Lawler and the pervs on commentary just made everything incredibly cheesy and it is probably segments like this that gave pro-wrestling a bad name and condemned women for many more years to come.