Up: Chad Gable’s Push

Image via WWE

It was a surprise that Chad Gable made a run into the finals of the King of the Ring tournament, but it is even more surprising to see WWE actually reward him with a proper push after the tourney.

Gable’s talents have never been in question, and the former Olympian has drawn comparisons to Kurt Angle on several occasions. After tormenting King Corbin for quite a few weeks in a row, Gable took on Corbin in the rematch from the KOTR final. Gable and Corbin produced an excellent matchup once again, and thankfully, the right man won.

Gable has all the attributes to become a major star in the company, and WWE needs to capitalize on this momentum.

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Down: Randy Orton Going Over Ali

Image via WWE

Randy Orton is a 13-time World Champion. He has stayed in the company for close to two decades now and has won every possible title in the company. In comparison, Ali completes one year on the main roster next month and is yet to win a single title in the company.

The two superstars dueled during the PPV, in an impromptu matchup after a confrontation on the pre-show. Ali displayed his high-flying maneuvers and proved why he needs to get a solid push in the mid-card.

However, WWE went the tired route of giving Orton the win, which does them no favors. Orton is at a stage of his career where he should be putting over younger talents, but it seems like WWE doesn’t want to do that.