Down: DQ Matches At a PPV?

Image via WWE

Braun Strowman and AJ Styles teased a feud for the United States Championship last month, and the Monster Among Men even battled Styles in the main event of a RAW episode for the title. The match ended in a DQ, and this rivalry was put on hold for the time being.

Strowman teamed up with the Viking Raiders, who have had their issues with The OC for quite some time now, and the two teams battled in a decent six-man bout.

However, WWE went ahead and produced a DQ finish once again, which is not a great way to finish matches during a major PPV.

The main event of the PPV also ended in a DQ, more on that later.

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Down: Charlotte At The Top, Again!

Image via WWE

Charlotte Flair is often termed as the Roman Reigns of the female roster, and with each passing PPV, that statement becomes more relevant. Flair won her 10th championship in WWE, which is quite a huge number considering she has been on the main roster for just four years. That’s nearly 3 reigns per year, which is a concerning fact.

Superstars like Asuka, Liv Morgan, and Ember Moon haven’t received chances as much as Flair has, who lost to Bayley at Clash of Champions due to Bayley’s use of illegal tactics.

Flair is also the first woman to pin Asuka in a WWE ring. Flair’s talents are not in question, but WWE’s fixation with keeping the title on Flair is.