Down: Seth Rollins Becomes The New Cena/Roman

Image via WWE

Every top babyface of WWE in the last decade has had the crowd turn on him a few months into his reign, and the inevitable has happened with Rollins. After Reigns left WWE last year due to his leukemia diagnosis, Rollins was pushed as the top guy in the company. He won the Rumble (similar to Reigns in 2015) and went on to defeat Lesnar for the Universal Championship. He slayed the beast once again in August and has featured in almost every segment of RAW recently.

Rollins is a victim of WWE’s inadept booking of babyfaces, and it seems like he has been relegated to merely a catchphrase (BURN IT DOWN!).

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Down: A Nonsensical Main-Event

Image via WWE

The reason behind Rollins being termed as the new Cena/Roman is the horrendous main-event of the PPV. Rollins took on Bray Wyatt in the Hell in a Cell match and it was a hot, fire garbage for straight 20 minutes. The finish saw Rollins stomp Wyatt, hit Wyatt with a weapon, stomp him again, hit him with another weapon, several times before the referee called off the match (?). A match advertised as ‘No Disqualification’, ‘Anything Goes Match’, was brought to an end because a wrestler used a sledgehammer.

The fans chanted ‘Refund’, Bullsh*t and ‘AEW’ to close the show. The match has received tremendously negative reviews from every corner of the industry, and even popular pornographic website Brazzers trolled WWE for not being able to produce proper ‘finishes’.

The image of WWE has taken a massive hit after this match, and how WWE recovers from this will be interesting to see.