3 Wrestlers We May Never See In WWE Again

Image via catch-newz.com

Some of the best moments in wrestling are when fans get to see someone make a surprise return to the WWE. The Hardy brothers did that at Wrestlemania 33 and so have others like The Rock, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Goldberg, etc. Sadly, there are few wrestlers who may never make a comeback and here are three of them.

Alberto Del Rio

Image via WWE.com

There was a time when this man had everything going for him. He was one of the top heels who had multiple championship runs and was really hot with his rich aristocrat persona. The firing of Ricardo left him as a one dimensional character and he was soon released from the WWE.

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He got a second lease of life when WWE rehired him in 2015, after only a year but his second run was disastrous to say the least. Things only got worse as he was suspended multiple times for violating WWE’s wellness policy and also had a lot of problems with the WWE brass.

He was finally released in 2016 and his actions since then has cemented the fact that he will never work in WWE again. A domestic abuse case filed by Paige and his unprofessional behavior at multiple Indy events means that it is the end of the WWE line for the Mexican.