3. Brotherly Love

Cody Rhodes and his half brother Dustin Rhodes (formerly known as Goldust), faced off against each other on the very first night of AEW at Double or Nothing. Cody and Dustin previously had teamed up together in WWE, and even fought against each other, which added to the drama around this match.

The duo produced a fantastic battle, and Dustin, despite nearing 50, proved why he is considered one of the finest wrestlers in the world. Both the superstars performed in this emotionally-charged encounter, with Cody picking up the victory with a Cross Rhodes.

Post-match, Cody cut a fantastic promo, with tears in his eyes, as he asked his brother to team up with him for the next scheduled PPV. Dustin, drenched in blood, hugged Cody to end the segment, and it drew massive reactions from the sold-out arena.

2. Lights Out

Jon Moxley arrived in the AEW scene with high expectations and he was immediately scheduled for a match with fellow top star in the company, Kenny Omega. Both the individuals, who are arguably the two biggest names with the company currently, were set to fight at AEW’s final event before their premiere on TV, AEW All Out.

However, an MRSA infection forced Moxley to withdraw his name from the match, and Omega ended up facing PAC in a losing effort instead. Their match was rescheduled for AEW Full Gear, and their intense rivalry led to the match being an Unsanctioned Lights-Out match. The match was chosen as the main-event over yet another deeply personal rivalry between Chris Jericho and Cody, and it is safe to say that these two men justified this decision.

The match was filled with big spots, weapons such as barbed wire bat, barbed wired broom, and shreds of glass were used to devastating effect. Both the superstars bled profusely throughout the match, and tried everything possible to ensure maximum damage to their rival. Moxley ended up winning the heated battle after delivering a Paradigm Shift onto the exposed wooden ring.

The match received rave reviews from the professional wrestling community, with great emphasis on the brutality on exhibition by the two superstars, who didn’t have any reason to put themselves into such pain but did it for the entertainment value.