5 Bold Booking Decisions WWE Should Make At Survivor Series 2018

WWE took a huge gamble when they launched the WWE Network. They assumed that continuing the way they did with PPVs and adding old content would be enough to get plenty of subscribers.

Unfortunately, for WWE, the actual number of subscribers came nowhere close to the figures they needed. Their live shows and PPVs aren’t faring any better. That is why, we have seen a slew of bold bookings recently.

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Last Tuesday’s SmackDown was huge as we got a few changes for Survivor Series including two matches that we have never seen before in Bryan vs Lesnar and Charlotte vs Rousey. It cannot stop here as WWE needs to keep this trend going and here are 5 bold booking decisions WWE must make at Survivor Series.


Let Daniel Bryan Beat Lesnar

Image via WWE.com

Ask anyone what their most memorable part has been of the Brock Lesnar saga and they will all tell you that it is him being squashed by Goldberg in no time. The rest of Lesnar’s script has been totally one-dimensional with him always winning and being pushed to the moon.

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That is why no one was excited about the original Styles vs Lesnar clash as it was a given that Lesnar would come out on top. The change up with Bryan replacing Styles has been good so far but WWE must go all in. It is a non-title match and hence it won’t make a difference to the title scene but allowing Bryan to win even if it is by unfair means would be great for the show while also cementing Bryan’s heel turn.

Another win for Lesnar would kill any momentum Bryan has garnered with his shock turn and this could also be utilized to turn this into a full blown feud of epic proportions.