5 Bold Booking Decisions WWE Should Make At Survivor Series 2018

Allow Strowman And Drew McIntyre To Be The Sole Survivors

Image via WWE.com

With Roman Reigns gone and few established faces and heels on RAW at the moment, Strowman and McIntyre are easily the most bankable full-time wrestlers that the RAW brand has.

Not only should the RAW brand win in the 5-on-5 match but it should be these two men who should end up as the sole survivors. This can be the starting point of a drawn out feud between the two and the title can also be involved at some point in the future.

Strowman has a great connection with the crowd and McIntyre has all the attributes to make him the defining heel of this era. They could have an angle where it is down to just these two guys on the RAW side from where they go on to win it for RAW but are unwilling to work with each other. One could attack the other post match starting something great.